Daniel Van Vechten at Wunderbar

On Wednesday, Wunderbar will host Daniel Van Vechten for his last show of the summer! Having been nominated for the Singer/Songwriter category for the 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, this is one act not to miss. 

Daniel Van Vechten is a favorite among the musicians in Cincinnati. Not only is he a valuable asset to our community as a musician, he also is an active promoter of others within the music scene.

Back in late 2014, Moose Gronholm sat down with the talented Daniel Van Vechten and he had this to say about his background, “For about 10 years I played for hours a day, and for a few of those years I would make extra cash in the summer playing happy hours and opening for bands. Over time I focused more on my professional career and the guitar started collecting dust in the corner. I moved to Cincinnati in 2009 for a job at a local college as an administrator, and one night I stumbled across an open mic. I was impressed with how good the locals are around here, and I started going back prepared with songs to play. Over time I started learning more songs that were either written locally or are major influences to people who play locally, and that has ended up influencing me to submerge myself in the Cincinnati music scene. Over the past two years I have gotten back into being serious about music again, but I have far surpassed what I was able to do 10 years ago.”  

 Don’t miss seeing Daniel Van Vechten for the last time this summer on Wednesday at Wunderbar