Call for Local Artists for Love Letter to Cincinnati at LUMENOCITY

An NKU Electronic Media summer class is creating some media to accompany the CSO’s Lumenocity event in August. They are making “magical love letter" silent short film that will highlight some of the unique sights and sounds of Cincinnati. The resulting video will play continuously alongside a “resting state” promotional/informational video as part of the hospitality area inside Masonic Hall (not as past of the main show in the Taft) and also twice daily on the big screen at the outdoor Block Party.

The underlying theme of this project is to tie location and emotion together with music - and the class would like to accomplish this with music from area artists. Music of all types will be considered, as the hope is for each location to reflect the nature and vibe of the neighborhoods and points of interest around our region.

Any musical artists interested in providing music for the project should contact: 

Student Production Manager - Sara Hughes

Professor - Chris Strobel