Stop Light Observations & Near Earth Objects at Urban Artifact

Born and raised in Charleston, SC SLO (Stop Light Observations) is an innovative Rock group whose heart lies in their story. Starting the band at only 13 years old, this young group of childhood friends thrives on a deep connection with their audience to inspire and ignite greater awareness. With soulful vocals, refreshingly conscious lyrics, and a dynamic use of instruments SLO provides an explosive live performance that is sending SLO on their way to be a top national act.

The seeds of Indie Rock band Near Earth Objects were planted when singer/guitarist Devin Clarke and bassist/keyboardist Leland Davis got together to jam while in high school (they’d been friends since middle school). A few years later, they decided to get more
serious about starting a group, landing Richard Inman to play drums and taking on the name Near Earth Objects. The trio took its time developing material and chemistry before making their live debut in late 2013. More recently, Near Earth Objects added a fourth member — Daniel Walton — to provide
 cello for the band as it continues work on its first full-length. 

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