Punk Band Thin Lips Tonight at Bogart’s

Thin Lips is opening for Modern Baseball tonight at Bogart’s! Their debut album Riff Hard was released through Lame-O Records on May 20th. Thin Lips are like a more pop-driven Speedy Ortiz, a female-fronted Superchunk, or a modern-punk influenced Pixies. They've toured with everyone from Hop Along to The Front Bottoms! 

We chatted with Chrissy Trashjian of Thin Lips prior to the show tonight!

Give us some background on Thin Lips…
Thin lips is a four piece riffy punk/rock band from Philly! We formed shortly after three of the members old band Dangerous Ponies broke up. I started writing a bunch of new music that was stylistically much different than the old stuff I had been writing. It took a while to actually get the project up and moving...originally we where a three piece, we tracked our first ep Divorce Year and then shortly after got asked to go on tour with our buds in Hop Along! I didn't feel like our sound was fully flushed out as a three piece and we where exploring different options for what to do about that. I was thinking of maybe getting a different singer and just playing guitar, but that didn't really feel right which is when we asked Chris Diehm to join the band on second guitar and backup vocals. This had been my brother (our drummers) suggested solution from the beginning of the conversation and it just clicked. Since then we tracked a full length (riff hard) we've gone out with Cayetana, The Front Bottoms, The Menzingers and we are currently on tour with Joyce Manor and Modern Baseball

What can one expect at a live Thin Lips show?
A lot of riffs, an open conversation about the recent shooting in Orlando and how important safe spaces are, and a whole lot of ding dongery.  

Tell us the most “Rock n Roll” thing that has happened on the road thus far…
Modern Baseball came to our off day house show in Iowa and we drank a ton of beer and broke into the hotel pool  

What is next for Thin Lips?
Who knows? More touring, riffing, new jams and as always a lot of love and gratitude for each other and the people we play with and for.