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Interview With The Mowgli’s

Bad day? Listen to The Mowgli’s. Good day? Listen to The Mowgli’s. Trust me, this California six-piece group has the power to uplift and amp up your current mood with their #PositiveVibe sound. Most known for their tracks ‘I’m Good’ and ‘San Francisco’, The Mowgli’s have been hard at work on their third album due out in September 2016 and have just launched a tour. The group will make their sixth tour stop in Cincinnati to return to Bunbury Music festival this weekend. Colin Diedan and Josh Hogan of The Mowgli’s took the time to chat with us before they play Bunbury this friday.

How’s your day been so far? How did the live stream with Amazon go?
Colin: We’ve had a nice day. Me and Josh are just laying on a big bed together just being pals and just got back from Amazon. We’re about to take an absolutely EPIC nap. We woke up at 5am to get from Portland to Seattle. 

The first time I ever saw you guys live was at Bunbury. Are you excited to return?
Colin: We’re so excited.

Any fun memories from when you were here last?
Josh: Oh, you know… I bet Andy does. He remembers everything!

Colin: Same answer as Josh just gave. Sometimes everything just blends together into one thing.

Josh: This is what I can tell you. Festival shows blend together because there are so many festivals now and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. But, I do remember seeing Bunbury on our Calendar and being very excited because I remember it being awesome.

You’re gearing up to release your third album. Will we get a preview of some new songs at Bunbury?
Yes! We’re doing 3 new songs on the set right now. A new one called “Monster”, a new one called “Freaking Me” out that just came out a couple months ago on everything - spotify, iTunes. So, we’re playing those two and then a song called “Last Forever.” Those three songs are off the new record. 

I know you guys have been working with Mike Green and he’s worked with some pretty notable people. How has it been working with him?
Working with Mike is really cool. He’s a very chill guy. I feel like we come into the room and bring our weird Mowgli energy and meet somewhere in the middle. Working with him is really fun and super positive.

He eats like a ton of apples. I’ve only ever seen him eat apples and like cashews. Mike Green is like a fruit bat! We love him. Yeah, we love him a lot. 

Any artists on the lineup in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing?
Yeah, Haim! Andy has a crush on Alana Haim. That’ll be tight for him.

The Killers. I mean, all these people are great. We have a lot of friends playing like Elle King.

Pretty stoked to see The Neighbourhood too. 

I’m all about spreading positivity and getting people to get in that mindset.  What's the best advice you'd give to someone adopting "whatever forever" motto?
Josh: Best advice I would give is to not take things too personally. Just let it roll off, ya know?

Colin: Like Josh said, it’s just not taking things too seriously, it just makes life better. Or maybe taking things too serious. I don’t know! I haven’t figured it out quite yet. Here’s how I feel. Do you watch basketball? I want to be more like Steph Curry. Be more like Steph Curry and I promise you, you will be a happy person. Be the best you can be, don’t gloat and be a really nice person. That’s the way to be happy.  

You’ve been pretty busy with interviews. What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?
Thunderstorms; love em or hate em?! A 12 year old girl asked us that and the answer is LOVE EM. 

What’s the most asked question?
Band name. Yeah, where’d you get your band name. When we get that question we all kind of roll our eyes at each other but we always answer it different every time. 

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it?
Colin: Oh my gosh, this is such a great question for us! We drink lots of coffee. We survive on coffee. I think Josh drinks 11 cups of coffee a day.

Josh: I’ve actually cut down to 9.

Colin: We actually drink a lot of coffee. We’ve stopped drinking before we perform. It’s a pretty big thing, you know, a lot of bands get pretty hammered before they play. You sometimes get a little tired around 6/7 o’clock sitting around waiting for the show.  So, coffee is a big thing for us. David drinks a ton of Monster like I’m actually not sure how he is alive. He bleeds green.

Josh: But to answer how we take it… Right before the show we get a little tired and generally drink it iced with a little sugar, little cream. Nothing fancy or just an iced latte is a big one in the group. 

CoIin: I like iced coffee like A LOT. I can slam an iced coffee! 

Josh: And If you don’t have a good coffee shop around, those little Starbucks doubleshots will get you going.

Grab a coffee, energize and head to Bunbury this weekend. The Mowgli’s take the Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Friday from 4-5PM.