Soul Step Records Announces SSR-010

Soul Step Records is a very unique label functioning right here in Cincinnati. Instead of your typical label contracts - Soul Step Records up fronts the costs of manufacturing vinyl for artists who typically cannot afford to get their music on this premium format. After selling a very limited edition special or color vinyl, Soul Step splits the profits 50/50 with the artists - a much greater deal than any traditional label will do.  

Today is such an exciting day for Soul Step Records. They are releasing their first 7” vinyl into the world. For SSR-010 they have partnered with The Gills, from Nashville, TN. Winners of the latest Music City Big Break, The Gills are primed for a breakout year with their breakout single, “Lemonade.”

Written after years of touring, the single explodes with all the pressure of a shaken-bottle of soda whose cap has finally flown off. It's about letting go of the struggles that are so common to working musicians — the long drives, the vulnerability, the struggle to stay true to yourself — and embracing everything that's great about rock & roll. The songs are simple rock epics that build their way toward crashing choruses. There's no posturing. No disguises. 

Frontman Jesse Wheeler began writing songs as a teenager, looking for an outlet to help him put a positive spin on his childhood battle with Leukemia. At first, he focused on humorous tunes designed to make his friends (and Wheeler himself) laugh. Later, as his health and songwriting chops strengthened, the music became bolder and more bombastic. The Prince brothers — Matt (drums) and Andy (bass) — climbed aboard after Wheeler recovered and shortly after met keyboardist/guitarist Justin Locke, who became the group's fourth member.

In concert, The Gills adopt the same in-your-face stance that fills their 7” single. The Gills are making themselves comfortable occupying the middle ground between college radio and the Top 40 format, while remaining true to their creative explorations.

There will be 100 “LEMONADE” vinyls made. After they move through the limited edition vinyl, they will sell the vinyl on standard Black vinyl. As a Soul Step Subscriber, you have the first chance to purchase this 7” single before it goes live to the general public.

General public sale is TODAY at Their site has BOTH tracks available for streaming!

Enter win a copy of SSR-010 The Gills “Lemonade / La-Di-Da” HERE!