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Diarrhea Planet About to Explode All Over Bunbury

Right off the bat, it’s that name.

Just an absurdly perfect combination of words that have nothing to do with each other – except for the fact that one word is something that inflicts the inhabitants of the other word from time to time. It’s honestly more of an eye-catcher than anything else. The day this band comes to town is a date the concert hall marquee guys typically circle on their calendars. Who wouldn’t be excited to hang the words Diarrhea Planet up in big, bold letters over the entrance? If I were them, I’d take my sweet ass time. Bring the letters up one-by-one. Maybe wait for the perfect on-looker to put that last “a” up in “Diarrhea” and wait for their reaction. Most people would walk by the venue thinking they’re showing an unfortunately subtitled Star Wars sequel that night.  But no, it’s just a band from Nashville with a not-so Nashville name.

Diarrhea Planet got their start back in 2009. They’ve put out three full lengths and three EPs since then, with a fourth album titled “Turn to Gold” due out June 10th – roughly a week after they play Bunbury. If you’re into the reverb heavy, noise-friendly, post-punk genre you’ll definitely dig what they’ve put out. If you’re not into that, they’ve got enough catchy chords and riffs fighting through the static to reel in the casual fans as well. Not to mention they put on a ridiculous live show. At a festival like Bunbury, they’re the type of band that will win new fans simply by stage presence alone.

And despite the name, one of their new singles is actually a slightly more cohesive, grown-up track titled “Let it Out”. A bit of a departure from the more raucous foot-stompers they’ve been known for. Give that and the song “Separations” a quick listen. If you’re still interested (which you most likely will be) you can see them on Saturday, June 4th on the CVG River Stage at 9:15p at Bunbury and catch the full-on spectacle that is Diarrhea Planet live and in person.