Close The Hatch Tonight at sghr

All of your band's equipment was stolen. What do you do? Move on, release an EP and head out on tour! At least, that’s what Dayton Ohio’s Sludge-doomers, Close The Hatch decided to do. 

After releasing their fifth EP, Death and Resistance, this past February, Close The Hatch kicked off a tour complete with a handful of local stops. Already playing in Dayton, Charleston and Chattanooga, tonight, they’ll be rocking the Southgate House Revival alongside Wolvhammer and Ethicist. We caught up with Stephen from Close The Hatch before tonight’s show to learn more about the band and the road ahead…

How’s the tour going so far?
It's been going well. A few bumpy moments. Chattanooga was excellent to us. Plus we always find great places to eat that's where we are as adults in a band we play for 40 minutes, travel hours then prioritize food.. Grown up stuff.

What can we expect to hear tonight?
We will be playing the majority of our recent release "Death & Resistance" along with a few older songs. 

Favorite song to perform live?
"When Street Lights Die" has been pretty high on the list as of late. It has a few moments that just seem to translate live in a way we hadn't expected. 

Check out their cool cartoon adventure music video for “When Street Lights Die”

Any show/tour rituals? 
Food and picking on each other. Usually some offensive talk. That's normal right? 

If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?

They have just been a constant in our lives for many years big influences amazing live band. It would be a bucket list dream! 

How did the band come together?
A prior band was going in two different directions one half wanted to be a radio rock band and the other was more into experimenting. Ultimately that caused it to end along with life changes. The original CTH members set out to do something more along the lines of where we are now. Oddly we didn't really become ourselves until this last release. 

Where did the name come from?
A former member wanted me (Stephen) to shut up about asking for band name ideas. He meant to say shut your trap but it came out close the hatch and there we have it haha.. 

Anything else you’d like to share?
We are really looking forward to the rest of this short tour. The next few dates we get to share with some great local's we have become friends with Ethicist and Grey Host. Both Cincinnati area bands.  They have become good friends of ours and we would be remiss if we didn't share them with you. Also we have a show coming up with Minsk in a few weeks that's a big excitement for us. 

Do you guys drink coffee? If yes, how do you order it?
Sure do!

Mostly just the normal coffee, cream & sugar. Sometimes Steve has cold brews or caramel macchiato when he's being all fancy. 

Catch Close The Hatch tonight at The Southgate House Revival. Can’t make it? Check out Close The Hatch on May 29th at Northside Yacht Club or June 19th at Backstage Cafe in Covington with Minsk.

Tickets available for purchase HERE.