Booking and Promotion Seminar at Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact is hosting a seminar on starting things off in the strange world of music with Paul O’Moore on Thursday, May 19th! He is a familiar face around town, having worked in the Cincinnati music scene for over 10 years. Currently Paul works with Urban Artifact, is in the band Coconut Milk, and puts on the Zines, Screens, and Screams Fest himself.  In the past he has worked at The Mad Hatter, The Madison Theater, Backstage Cafe, and Maudies.

Some of the subjects to be covered in the seminar include:
How do I get booked at X, Y, or Z local venues?
How do I book shows out of town?
How do I get more people to come to my shows?
How do you go about booking all these different things in Cincinnati?
Tips to get more visibility as a band? 

This seminar will be geared towards upstart bands trying to hit the ground running, or possibly long standing bands who never really figured out how to break into the scene. 

After the seminar at 6p, stick around to to catch
Saturn Batteries
Los Rosas (Brooklyn)
The Harlequins
Phantom Pop