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So you haven't filed your 2015 taxes yet, and you don't have time to do it before Tax Day.

Hey, that's cool. You can file for an extension, and rest assured that it is a totally normal thing to do. 
That may sound like more work you don't have time for, but it's really not that bad. You just have to send in a form to the IRS letting them know you need more time to file. 
In Ohio and Kentucky, you don't even need to file a separate state tax extension form. Each state honors a granted federal extension. 
Keep in mind that filing is different from paying your taxes. An extension grants you more time to file, but the deadline to pay any taxes you owe is still Tax Day. 
Here's a handy guide put together by Brass Taxes on how to take care of this shit:
Brass Taxes is a small independent tax prep business set up to help artists, freelancers and other nice people understand their taxes better, and to help you be better prepared going forward.
Taxes can be complicated for folks who have more going on than a single job. The small team at Brass Taxes is made up of creative freelancers who identify with the realities of working for yourself, pursuing your passions, and income that is often unpredictable.
Founded in Brooklyn in 2008, Brass Taxes now has an office in Covington, KY. After a little post-season break, you can make an appointment with them to get your taxes done any time after May 10th. 
The extension buys you six months to file, but seriously: don't wait too long. You're never going to actually want to do it just do it. Working with Brass Taxes will make the process as chill and pain-free as possible. 
Here's a tip: did you know that Tax Day is April 18th this year? You've got the whole weekend to get that extension form in.  As long as it's postmarked by Monday, you're golden.
See? Doing your taxes this year sucks a little bit less already.