LCD Soundsystem, Performed by Us, Today & Friends

On April 15th, Northside Tavern will be reverberating with the sounds of LCD Soundsystem - played live by some of the best musicians in the city. The core of the band is the powerhouse Us, Today (who recently won Best Indie/Alternative band in the CEA's), supported by the additions of Mia Carruthers (bass) and Brian Davies (synth), who both perform in Multimagic, and Nancy Paraskevopoulos (backing vocal), who is known for her solo work. The band is led by singer Phillip Alexander, who had the idea for the event last fall while LCD Soundsystem was still considered dead and gone. When it was announced that the band would be getting back together this year and touring in big cities and festivals, Alexander and Us, Today still saw a need to bring a little bit of LCD Soundsystem to Cincinnati. 

LCD shows are known as legendary dance parties, where inhibitions are discarded. April 15th will be no exception.

Friday, April 15th
Northside Tavern