World Premiere of Two Things I Love by Kale Dazzlier

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Kale Dazzlier (pronounced DAZZ-lee-ay as in 'yay') is the project of the drummer from Pomegranates. It took years for Kale to record a solo song. One reason is Kale has never sung a whole song, and never even sings in the car, in the shower, while floating above the city, etc... The other problem was Kale thinking of what to have a song be about. He just felt like it needed to be important and poignant. Recently, he realized there were two topics that just don’t get enough airtime - Dancing and Love. That’s what he determined the song had to be about. 

With the help of Joey Cook, the song was recorded at Sabbath Recording in Cincinnati and mastered by Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio.

The song is free (check it out HERE), but if people pay, Kale will be donating the money towards recording another artist’s song. They can always use more dancing fuel. Pay it forward, people. Who does not like dancing and love?