Tonight: Candyland and FightClvb at Mynt

Get ready for a sugar rush! The electronic music scene in Cincinnati has been on a continuous growth, bringing in artists each and every every month. This weekend is no exception. Tonight, the Candyclvb tour featuring Candyland and FightClvb hits Mynt Martini on Fountain Square.

Josie Martin, a DJ/Producer from California started deejaying in 2011 and has now become the well-known, Candyland. Candyland conquers multiple sub-genres within the dance music umbrella. Tapping into trap, house and dubstep, Josie brings diversity to her sound in everything she touches including both remixes and originals.

Take these two tracks that were released just a month apart for example.

A Candyland original, ‘Speechless’ featuring RKCB was released and gained quick popularity with it’s groovy house vibe.

Then Candyland remixed ‘Get on Up’ by Pegboard Nerds and Jauz creating a hard hitting trap piece worlds apart from ‘Speechless’ but insanely impressive.

For a mix of the best of worlds in electronic music, check out Candyland live tonight at Mynt. DJ Davey C pumps things up from 10:30 to 11:30pm, Fight Clvb takes the stage at 11:30 and Candyland brings down the house from 1 to 2:30am.