Valley Maker to Play The Comet

Seattle’s Valley Maker is stopping at The Comet on Monday, February 15th

Last year, Valley Maker released the full-length When I Was A Child on Brick Lane Records. Recorded in Crane's home state of South Carolina and the seaside town of Anacortes, Washington, When I Was A Child is a collection of 12 intricately introspective songs. Anchored by Crane's delicate fingerpicking and emotive vocals, the tracks reflect his travels throughout Kentucky, Colorado, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine and his worldly insights on love, discovery, past lives, and pain. 

"Though his subtle, twanging strings and serene background noises convey a sense of a haunting warmness, there are somber themes of loss, too ('We grew up in a southern town / What was up was really down'). The emotional heart of this quietly beautiful song conveys a rustic happiness - even if it might be a little lost." - SPIN