The Almighty Get Down Live Album Recording at The Woodward

The Almighty Get Down is known for their amazing live show. The energy put out from the stage when they play is electric. The band won the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Live Act in 2014. They have decided to put their money where their mouths are at The Woodward Theater on Saturday, February 20th as the show will be recorded for a future live EP release! 

Special guests include Nashville soul sensation Alanna Royale, DJ Austin James (of Magnolia Sons), and Kansas Bible Company!

We jumped at the chance to sit down with Willy Moren, the front man of The Almighty Get Down!

The Almighty Get Down is surely one of the best live acts in town. Was it it hard being a band of seven members to get an on stage dynamic going?
Thank you. I picked people to play with the same way NASA profiles for long space trips.  We have to do everything harmoniously, including when we aren't making music, so when people started answering my musician wanted ads I was picking personalities as well as players. We had to be able to fight together with care as well as compliment each other's non musical skills and help each other naturally when the pressures come to call. You get the chemistry and you save yourselves some grief along the road too, so yes there was work put in to give us a good chance at survival. People say a band is like a family or a marriage, my opinion is it has to be more than those or we are just waiting for good luck to keep us together and for a fire to catch or shelter to be built. Being on stage with people I respect and love and want to see good happen to brings a warmth to all of the moves we make together. 

I always feel that you can’t judge a band until you have seen them live. It’s exciting that you will be doing a video shoot and live EP recording at The Woodward! Tell us about how the idea came to be…
I agree, for me too it is the measure of a band. Our story is that since we have started, our focus was on the stage and we've been fortunate that the public has wanted to keep us on that stage from the beginning, but we have no new video!  We have no new recordings! So we called AudioTree out of Chicago to come and capture us in the moment because a moment is all we have today. To capture who we are live right now, what we've been working at, what is maybe best described as a band falling off a cliff and trying to give it all they got before they go splatter, 'one last get down and why not' is our instruction manual, while we have it in us. We felt AudioTree has some of the best camera people to capture this, their art is capturing other’s live art and they are great at it. We also wanted the warmest most inviting room to do it in, The Woodward Theater was a natural choice. 

What can ones who have not experienced The Almighty Get Down expect at The Woodward on February 20th?
For 5 bucks and a car ride they can expect to see a band that gives until there is nothing left, they can expect to see and hear action, sweat, glorious risk taking, golden mistakes, exhilarating honesty. If funk was a movie made by Jackie Chan and Woody Allen.  We have no "X"s to stand on, nothing to lose, a band who understands life is short, we will entertain you by the seat of our pants, and yours, and you will be worn out even if all you do is watch and listen. All of that, plus a song to sing. 

What is next for The Almighty Get Down?
Thanks for asking. A new album and as much video as we can manage, we want to get intimate with you. We currently have an 11 song album out and we only play 3 songs off of it on stage, we could play a 3 hour show for you right now, we've got so much love to give. We are going to release an EP that should have been a double album for all the music we have laying about, and it looks like taking a break from the stage to get it recorded isn't going to happen anytime soon, so we'll be white knuckling that last stitch on the seat of our pants for 2016.  I think it's going to be beautiful.  

The Almighty Get Down
w/ Alanna Royale, DJ Austin James, and Kansas Bible Company
@ The Woodward Theater
Saturday, February 20th
$5 adv / $7 DOS


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