TEEN to Play The Comet

Brooklyn band TEEN will be performing Monday, February 22nd at The Comet in support of their new album Love Yes that comes out Friday, February 19th on Carpark Records!

Love Yes explores the disharmony and empowerment that both sexuality and spirituality can create within the modern woman's psyche. Universal ideas of loyalty, pleasure, purity, power, aging and love are confronted with a knowable specificity. There is a quality of wholesomeness, but also an edge—a kind of wise anger and electricity. Love Yes was recorded in Nova Scotia, where the Lieberson sisters (Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine) grew up. Teaming up once again with producer Daniel Schlett, TEEN wanted to capture the energy of full band recording. Rather than multi-tracking, Schlett worked with the band as they played the songs relentlessly, waiting to achieve the right energy and take as a group. The result is a beautiful, detailed album about womanhood and the embodiment of the sensual, played by a group fully in step with one another. Love Yes bursts into the static air with a vibrancy recognized by its confidence and power. 

TEEN's forthcoming album, Love Yes, feels like a culmination of the band's initial evolution, and ‘Tokyo’ signals another bold direction. A driving pop song built from churning synths, a rubbery bass line, and a swaying 6/8 waltz groove… Teeny Lieberson's lyrics take a dramatic leap forward as she analyzes the complexities of aging relationships, sensuality, and misogyny that all too often goes unchecked.” – NPR 

"Picture Zappa fronting a dream-pop band” - New York Observer, Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 pick