Tax Help For Musicians: Brass Taxes

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The last thing musicians want to think about this time of year is doing their taxes. It’s not about the money, right? Your time is best spent on stage trying to hone your craft, not in front of a computer trying to figure out how to avoid getting audited. Luckily, Brass Taxes was created to make taxes suck less for freelancers, artists, and other nice people (like yourself). 

Taxes can be super complicated for musicians. If your band had the foresight to form an LLC or keep a separate bank account for your income and expenses then good for you! However, you are probably in the minority. Most people reading this probably never thought about the money they were making or spending while sharing their music with the Queen City.

Brass Taxes was formed with the goal of getting artists comfortable with thinking about their money. Taxes shouldn’t be scary. The kind people at Brass Taxes can get you started on your taxes today & help teach you what you need to know to not be overwhelmed with the process ever again. 

Brass Taxes has an office in Mainstrasse, Covington, and you can make an online appointment from anywhere. Check out the website here & contact Caroline at to learn more!

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