Mainland Bring Good Vibes to The Woodward

While Mainland is based in Brooklyn, they bring a California feel-good vibe within their mellow mix of electric guitar, bass, synths, vocals, and percussion. Led by enigmatic frontman, Jordan Topf (Vocals, Guitar) and comprised of Corey Mullee (Guitar, Synth), Alex Pitta (Bass) and Joey Sulkowski (Drums), the four-piece arrived with their Girls Unknown EP (2013) and followed soon after with their second independent release, Shiner EP (2014). 

Mainland is opening for Jukebox the Ghost at The Woodward Theater on Wednesday, March 2nd! We sat down with the band prior to the show.

Give us some background on Mainland…
Mainland is a rock band from New York that started touring a few years ago following the release of Girls Unknown EP (2013) and Shiner EP (2014). Our latest release, Outcast EP, came out this past December 2015. We spent a month in Los Angeles recording the songs that make up the EP/LP with Kevin Augunas at Fairfax Recordings. The band is 3/4th Californian (frontman Jordan Topf, keys/guitarist Corey Mullee, bassist Alex Pitta) and 1/4th from Maryland (Drummer Joey Sulkowski). We recently got off a month long tour with Marianas Trench and jumped on the road with Jukebox the Ghost. 

Tell us about your songwriting process…
Our songwriting process usually starts with a fully formed demo with drums, guitars, vocals, keys. I'll write lyrics first at times in my beat up notebooks I carry everywhere with me. Sometimes the music and lyrics will come together simultaneously. We write from the heart 100%. We channel our real life stories into the band's lyrics. 

What can one expect at a live Mainland show?
It's raw and full of energy like that of a punk show. Sometimes I jump into the crowd on the very first song... 

What is next for Mainland?
After finishing this tour with Jukebox the Ghost, our next stop is Austin, Texas for SXSW! We're also working on concepts for the next two music videos then a photography zine. We're always keeping busy! 

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Jukebox the Ghost
The Woodward Theater
Wednesday, March 2nd
8p Doors / 9p Show