Doug Tuttle Releases New Album in Time for Comet Show

New Hampshire-native Doug Tuttle (ex-MMOSS) is releasing on Friday the follow-up to his 2013 solo debut self-titled album with It Calls On Me. Catch Doug Tuttle at The Comet on Saturday, February 20th with The Paperhead! 

Eschewing the jittery, love-lorn anxiety of his first solo outing, It Calls On Me presents a decidedly dreamier journey through softer, sun-burnt landscapes, while still showcasing Tuttle’s trademark masterful guitar-work and his very own brand of impeccably-crafted, fractured psychedelic pop.

Written in 2014-2015 in Somerville, MA, It Calls On Me hints at the skewed, wide-eyed ‘60s folk-pop of Lazy Smoke or Ithaca’s, mysterious, fulgent Brit-folk rock, and the zoned ‘70s soft-rock of 10cc and Bread, neatly winding in and out through Tuttle’s panoply of hallucinatory effects, buzzes, and unshakably haunting harmonics to create a richly-textured album of sonic jewels.

Saturday, February 20th
The Comet
Doug Tuttle
The Paperhead
10p Show