’s Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Valentine’s Day, it’s the holiday we love to hate. February 14th evokes different feelings for different folks.  On this holiday, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The origin of Valentine’s Day is actually pretty dark - read more about that HERE

Depressed yet? Don’t be. Whether you are participating in Valentine’s Day or shunning it all together, love is a reason to celebrate. As the great artist, Leonardo da Vinci said, “Without love, is no life at all.” put together our version of an old school mixtape (aka Spotify Playlist). Don’t start to get all mushy – it’s not all love songs, we covered all the bases.

Go listen and subscribe to the full playlist HERE.

Five notables from the playlist:

1. Limbeck “Honk + Wave”

2. The Cure “Just Like Heaven”

3. The Format “Inches and Falling”


4. Tesla “Love Song”


5. Of Monsters and Men “Love Love Love”