Those Darlins Farewell Tour Stopping at Northside Tavern

Those Darlins, who formed in 2006 and gained world-wide recognition with their critically acclaimed self-titled album 2 years later, have announced they will take an “indefinite hiatus.” Read their goodbye statement here.  

Before they bid us farewell, you can catch them one last time at Northside Tavern on Tuesday, January 26th

We sat down with Jessi prior to the show!

Sad to hear about your indefinite hiatus! What prompted the decision?
Nikki and I have been growing in different directions as songwriters and in life in general, and during the start of making our fourth album it became apparent that we couldn't bridge that gap in a natural way. We've grown up together over the years, and it's just time to move on in our own ways. The break-up is definitely bittersweet for us too.  

Are any side projects in the works we should be on the lookout for?
I can't speak for everyone, but Lin and I plan to keep playing together and will be releasing some new songs in the next year. We don't have a name for the project to give you though, so you'll have to stay tuned.  

What has been the high point of your time together as a band?
Lots of highs! I always enjoyed the awesome travel opportunities. Getting to go to Beijing to play was probably the most intense and unbelievable experience, so I'll pick that. 

What will you miss most about Those Darlins?
A lot of things. I'll miss the feeling of being in the first real band I've ever been a part of and the excitement of it actually working. Of course, I'll also miss the history we have together internally and with our fans. 

Those Darlins Farewell Tour
Northside Tavern
Tuesday, January 26th