iPod Drive Benefitting Music & Memory

The power of music is no secret. It can evoke emotion and spark a memory. ‘I want you to want me’ by Cheap Trick reminds me of my first concert. “I live to let you shine” by Gregory and the Hawks resurfaces memories of my first true love and ‘Payback’ by Steve Angello, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman takes me back to my first music festival in Europe. My list could go on. So, what songs take you back?

Favorite tracks or music associated with personal events can trigger memory of lyrics and the experiences linked to the music. It can calm chaotic brain activity and enable the listener to focus on the present moment. For those struggling with memory, music becomes a solution.

This Saturday, Mynt is teaming up with Nap Girls for an iPod Drive benefitting Music & Memory, a non-profit organization that provides personalized playlists using iPods that enable the elderly struggling with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories. Starting at 9pm, turn in an iPod, mp3 player or iTunes gift card at the door to be donated to Music & Memory and you’ll receive one complimentary drink with music by DJ Davey C.

For questions regarding the iPod Drive, contact Rebecca Potzner. To learn more about Nap Girls or Music & Memory please see below.

Nap Girls is a non-profit creative, collaborative collective of women promoting gender equality in the dance music industry. http://napgirls.com/

MUSIC & MEMORY℠ is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life.  They will wipe clean your iPod of your personal content, restore it to factory settings and place it in the hands of someone who needs it most at one of our MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Certified Care Facilities—loaded with their favorite music.