Cincinnati Folksinger, Working Class Villain & Hu-Town Holler

This Friday, January 8th get on down to Wunderbar for some quality pickin’. 

In the midst of rapid urbanization and probable folk music revival, Cincinnati Folksinger and His Uptown Band combine the Ohio River valley’s folk and roots music traditions with the struggle, hardships, and triumphs of the area in the present day. CF&HUB leaves behind the cliché coal mine songs in exchange for dangerous neighborhoods on the Westside, overdoses north of downtown, and their experiences on the road as they travel regionally to share their perspective on modern folk music. The Americana progressions of their songs and the local themes are true throughout the country, not specific to Cincinnati. 

Working Class Villain is a hard working, hard playing band. This Jam/Funk/Folk band has the cure to the work week blues.

Hu-Town Holler are no strangers to the music scene in Cincinnati. The band formed in December of 2014 and are comprised of Pat Kennedy (Pat Hu) of Red Cedars, former Rattlesnakin' Daddies lead singer/ guitarist Chris Goins, and Bassist Elia Burhart (formerly of Ben Knight and the Welldiggers). Hu-Town Holler have been concentrating on their original music, which is a combination of acoustic country blues, folk, and bluegrass.  At a live show be prepared for interesting songs played with great energy. As well as three part harmonies and great guitar interplay between Pat Kennedy's unique fingerpicking style and Chris Goins flat-picking abilities. 

Friday, January 8th


Red Cedars give a beautiful voice to the winter blues 

Reality Check with KT: Red Cedars give a beautiful voice to the winter blues with their first release; Bottom Side of Blue. Red Cedars; Dinah Devoto and Patrick Kennedy have been making some beautiful noise in the Cincinnati Scene for about six years.  They recently, very quietly, released their...