Bingo Players at Mynt

Tonight, electro house DJ and producer, Bingo Players, kicks off the year for the Cincinnati EDM scene at Mynt on Fountain Square.  

Bingo Players has a strong track list but most will recognize the popular track, Knock You Out, featuring Sia. You know, “my fight is won, who needs a gun. Boom, boom knock you out.”  Sing it with me! Other hits by Bingo Players include Get Up (Rattle) featuring Far East Movement and Cry (Just a little).

You may be wondering why the name is Plural. Bingo Players was created by Maarten and Paul Baumer in their teen years. Fast forward 15 years, the two had put a lot of work into their name, releasing hit tracks and touring. In 2013, Paul was both diagnosed and lost his battle against Cancer. His wish was for Maarten to carry on the music, the name and their legacy. And so it does…  

Grab tickets for the show online or at the door.