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An Interview with Chase Bryant

Photo By: Joseph Llanes

Country music star Chase Bryant is heading to Bogart’s this Saturday with Kip Moore! Bryant’s current single, “Little Bit of You” is in the Top 20 at Country radio. His debut single, “Take it on Back” scored him with the position of being one of only two male solo country artists to be in the Top 10 with a debut single! 

This young artist co-writes and co-produces all of his music. He is also a Left-handed guitarist that plays a right-handed guitar flipped upside-down and backwards.

We jumped at the chance to sit down with Chase Bryant prior to the show on Saturday!

Tell us about your writing process… 
It differs— whether it is a hook or a melody that comes first. Sometimes songs come out faster than others do. I like to be quiet, calm and collective when writing.  

How did it feel to be one of the only 2 male solo Country artists to score a Top 10 hit with a debut single in 2015? 
It felt great! After working many years on this career and finally seeing it pay off is such a humbling experience. 

What can one expect at a live Chase Bryant show? 
An action packed show! You’re listening to the record, but also listening inside of it— seeing the emotions come alive. The audience witnesses a whole other side of me they haven't seen before.  

What is next for Chase Bryant? 
A new record, hopefully a #1 on “Little Bit of You” and just going out playing and building a fan base out on the road!