5 Must See Rock Acts of 2016

In the last few weeks, festival line ups have been pouring out. All of which are showcasing celebrated acts and big reunions. Meanwhile, spring and summer tours are being announced left and right.  Of course, we all know that the LCD Soundsystem and Gun N’ Roses reunions are huge and are very deserving of the hype. So, for the sake of avoiding the obvious, here are a few more that will have you dreaming of the summer in this winter cold. 

The Struts

The Struts: England’s The Struts are an indulgent rock n’ roll band for all the right reasons. Combining the sounds and wardrobes of 70s glam rockers such as Queen and Bowie with the larger than life sound of Oasis, in 2015 the band stormed rock and alternative airwaves with “Could Have Been Me.” With only one album released in the UK and an introductory E.P. released in the US called “Have You Heard,” these glittery Brit-poppers are sure the turn heads at festivals this year.

At The Drive In

At The Drive-in: One of the more unexpected reunions stories, At The Drive-in have confirmed that they are reuniting for a world tour and new music. The celebrated post-hardcore band are legendary performers who have honed their chops in later projects such as Mars Volta and Sparta. The band is also known for their intellectual brand of punk and chaotic live shows. While this reunion is promising for the band’s future, in their previous reunion band members have expressed their distaste for the reunion. So, you should see them before they go away again.


Basement: Basement is a band that falls under a weird category of rock music; somewhere between Nirvana and Jimmy Eat World. This isn’t a bad thing. With the band’s third album “Promise Everything” being released Friday, January 29th, the band’s sound is sure to push further into ambiguity. On paper though, Basement is headbanging music with lyrics that are easy to learn. They have that self diagnosed depression and teen agnst like many 20 somethings’ favorite bands when they were kids. They are the kind of band that makes you feel younger and that’s a cool feeling.


Deftones: Deftones is a band that has aged very well. With a new album on the way and their two previous being considered among their best, they also became master stage performers. Most importantly, they are a Nu-metal era band that actually gets taken seriously. Deftones most certainly are energetic, but are a band that now hold themselves to a high standard of professionalism. Their live show is now a well oiled machine complete with a high production light show. They’re entering that legacy band moment of their career, but have ran the gauntlet for so long that it’s well deserved.

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FIDLAR: If you caught FIDLAR during their long 2015 tour, good for you. You know exactly why this is a must see band. The band will continue to rock 2016 in support of last year’s “Too” and it didn’t do too bad on our Top Albums of 2015 list either. With songs like “Wake Bake Skate” and “Cheap Beer,” this band isn’t very hard to read. Though “Too” expresses a more polished and more mature sound, this band still knows how to throw a good party. You want to mosh, stage dive, drunk text your ex and possibly get in a fight with someone? FIDLAR’s got you covered.

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