Lamps & Voids EP Release This Friday

Lamps & Voids are releasing their newest EP, Take It Back on Friday at The 86 Club! Go check out the the single “Circles” out now HERE 

We sat down with the band prior to the release show this Friday! 

Tell us about the new EP, Take It Back….
Take It Back is a combination of the easiest and hardest songs we've ever written. Before, in the other songs we've written and released, we would all just jam in a garage in Indiana and songs would kind of happen. Thought and time went into them, but it was mostly just having fun. This time around, its so much different. The songs on this record are very telling of where we are in life right now. We put so much more time into what we really wanted to say, and we tried to write music that went along with that. Take It Back, especially that song specifically, is the most honest music we've ever put out. We all had to go through a good amount of crap to start being that honest with our music, which is what made the songs so hard to write. But, also, its so much more rewarding. We're really proud of these tunes.  

We last spoke in June of 2014, what has been happening in the world of Lamps & Voids since?
As far as the band goes, we've been kind of stagnant. We would get asked more than a comfortable amount if the band was still a thing or not. It definitely was, we were all just going through life at our own pace and didn't really have the chance to get together as much. Our singer, Justin, started his own folk project and our drummer, Dan, started another band of his own while Alex and Tyler were busy with their jobs. Then, last winter, we got a call from our friend Patrick to go up to Columbus to record a few tracks for free. Obviously we did that. Who the heck wouldn't do that. We took a couple months and hashed out the songs we felt like were our best, headed up to Columbus on a Friday night and got them recorded within a combined total of about 14 hours. That was a long weekend, I'll tell you that.  

What is next for Lamps & Voids?
Well, we've got our release show coming up on December 4th at The 86, which we are so excited about. We've got a couple of dates lined up for 2016, and then who knows. We're just waiting to see where these songs take us, if anywhere. We're definitely a driven band. We'd love to see success with our music. We talk a lot more now of wanting to do a full length sometime soon, and occasionally the thought of starting to tour will pop up. For now, though, we're really happy just to have a few new songs that we feel really good about. We've more or less changed our outlook on being a band, and that's changed our view of what's next. So who knows. We're just ready to play some dang music. 

The 86 Club
Friday, December 4th 
Lamps & Voids
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