Jeffrey Seeman Back to His Roots at Ludlow Garage

One of those true ‘Full Circle’ moments is about to take place on Saturday, December 19th, as native Cincinnatian Jeffrey Seeman returns to a place that had great influence on him as a young musician, The Ludlow Garage, now being reborn by owner Scott Crawford as ‘Live at Ludlow Garage’, a music and restaurant venue in the building that housed the original Garage from 1969 to 1971 and saw many of the biggest names in recent music history pass through its doors. 

It was in that crucible that Jeffrey, as an already incredibly talented guitar player, having played since the age of seven, was exposed to and able to interact with the likes of BB King, Carlos Santana, Duane Allman and so many others. Jeffrey has always contended that his Cincinnati history with the band Wheels would never have happened were it not for the start afforded him by the Garage experience with Duane Allman.

Jeffrey is coming back to The Garage to release his New CD, Everything In Between, on Harpeth River Records, produced by Grammy-winner Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, and recorded at Ackerman's studios in Brattleboro, VT and Seeman's studio in Nashville, TN. The CD features world-renowned studio talent like Michael Manring and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel's bass player), and - Jeffrey was proud to point out - the CSO/Faux Frenchmen's own Paul Patterson on violin, viola and cello.

Appearing before Jeffrey as well as accompanying him on several tracks will be up-and-coming cellist Michael G. Ronstadt (nephew of Linda Ronstadt), an exceptional musician-composer conversant in a wide range of styles and sporting his own newly-released CD Foolish Fox which will also be available at the show.

This will also a be a reunion of sorts as many of the original Garage crew and founder, Jim Tarbell will be in attendance to recount and recapture stories and support and enjoy one of their own continuing the tradition of great music Live at the Ludlow Garage