Hot For Alice Fifth Anniversary Show

Hot For Alice has been playing shows in the Cincinnati area since 2011. Their sound delivers a punchy 90's essence with polished pop undertones. Their lyrics provide that overall connection of the human experience and come from the core essence of all emotions. 

Celebrate with the band TONIGHT at The Drinkery for their 5th Anniversary with friends Moonbeau and Healing Trapeze!

The four-piece was conceived when two friends, Alisha Milacki (singer/songwriter) and Ryan Minneci (guitarist/songwriter), decided to stop talking about music and start writing it. The two had a few acoustic sessions in Alisha’s basement before inviting Jeffery Lyon (drummer) and his bongos to the mix. Not long after, the trio was plugged in, bongos were replaced by a full drum kit, and the basement became a creative incubator for the future band. Realizing they had music to share, they booked their first show where Kevin Milacki (bassist) joined them on stage and Hot For Alice was truly birthed.