Get to Know Trolleydodgers

Loren Turner from Foxy Shazam along with Jaki Howser and Clinton Jacob are the Trolleydodgers. We got a taste of the band’s sound last week so we jumped at the chance to sit down with Loren Turner to get to know a little bit about the Trolleydodgers

Tell us about the formation of Trolleydodgers…
About a year ago Jaki reached out to me to see what I was up to musically. Since we where already some what of an acquaintance I invited her up too my studio to jam. After a few months of writing and demoing songs we knew that we were going to eventually need a lead vocalist. Clinton’s name kept coming up so we decided to have him come over to sing on what would become "Lunch Box". 

I'm trying to think of something else to make my answer more interesting but I can't so I'm just gonna end it with a fun little fact. Clinton and Jaki both own cats.

What is the significance behind the band name?
There's no real significance behind the name other than I just thought it sounded cool. I've never dodged a trolley in my life.

The people of Cincinnati are pretty pumped to see the band live. Any gigs lined up?
Right now our primary focus is recording so we currently do not have any shows lined up. But I do have nine plants in my house. 

What is next for Trolleydodgers? Is an album release in the near future?
We will be releasing an album this spring but it will be in a way that has never been done before. There will also be a full US tour in support of it. We also plan to go out and buy some really really really cool clothes together. 


Introducing The Trolleydodgers! 

Loren from Foxy Shazam has released some new music from his new band, The Trolleydodgers! Last night, Both Foxy Shazam and The Used posted about this new project from Loren Turner, Jaki Howser and Clinton Jacob. Check out "Lunch Box" below... <a...