Crobot Commands Cincinnati on New Year’s Eve

Playing with his “favorite band of all time” is how Bishop, the sweaty bearded guitar player of the Pennsylvania space-rock-groove-funk band, Crobot, described Clutch with whom they are currently on tour. Before practice in Brandon Yeagley’s garage (lead vocalist and hip-shaker), Bishop spoke with about what he was up to leading up to tour, how the word ‘alliteration’ became fightin’ words, and the band’s own branded beer.

On tour supporting Something Supernatural, which was named one of the best albums of 2015 by Guitar World, Crobot will headbang into the new year supporting Clutch at Bogart’s and then “we finish writing for the new album and go into the studio. It’s an exciting time and we had a very hectic year, so it’s nice to step back for a second and relax, go see chiropractors, heal our backs and necks and get ready for next year.”

On top off resting their bodies for a potential 2016 headlining tour, Bishop adds kidney stones to his list of ailments, and even called himself a “stonemaker”. “I just had kidney stones surgery, so honestly it’s one of the reasons we have this time off so I could get this shockwave therapy to break it up. It’s something I’ll always have, I just have to keep track of it. But every time I come home, I go to the doctor to keep it under the control. Yeah, it’s the life of stonemaker”, he laughed.

The multi-talented guitar player also contributes as the creator for all of the band’s artwork and will resume his duties for the next album, which is slotted to drop next summer. “Right now I’m doing the concept for it. I was chatting with the guys about the different directions we want. I do think I have in my head about how I want it to look but it’ll be completely different from the artwork from the last album and different for me. I’m going to try to do something out of my comfort zone.”

Searching, clicking, and probing onto website after website proved itself to be successful in that new music was found from the band. “Welcome to Fat City” is a banger. The shaky video which was seemingly shot by a fan who consumed more than a few adult beverages (no judgement), featured a heavier Crobot sound, a sound that even with the knowledge of a new album slated to drop in 2016 turned a month-long wait into eternity. “The direction of the album will be is still going to be funky and groove heavy, but it's also going to be “heavy heavy” and there will be moments where it’s dark and doomy. It’s going to be the best of both worlds, but we’re not going to try to reinvent the wheel as far as Crobot is concerned, it's going to be an expansion off the first album.”

“I don’t know if I should say it”, says Bishop when asked about a “tense” moment from an interview from the summer. “It was at a festival and Jake and Paul are brothers, and sometimes they fight like brothers, but someone used the word ‘alliteration’ and Jake corrected him…and they got in a huge fight about the word alliteration. I just remember we were sitting in catering at some festival and me and Brandon had a big laugh about that”.

But all is well in the world of Crobot, especially with unconfirmed rumors about a headlining tour. I’m sure we will, maybe a small run”, says Bishop, “I think we will try and do the “Drunk as Shit” tour again. Maybe we’ll try to brand it every year where we take out, maybe not the same bands, but bands that are close friends of ours. We’ve met a lot of friends on the road and we’ve seen a lot of phenomenal bands, so it's an excuse to sort of hang out, and people dig it”.

Following in the footsteps of many bands including the now defunct Motörhead, Crobot released ‘Supernaturale’ by way of Double Barley Brewery. The draft clocks in at 11.2% and guarantees one of those rare non-regrettable hangovers. Bishop mentioned a “curranty, grapey taste” and better opportunities to acquire the imperial brown ale beer next year.  But if freshly tapped out of patience for 2015, the tasty brew is available here.

Valkyrie, Clutch, and Crobot will perform at Bogart’s on New Year’s Eve. Ticket information is located here


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