WNKU Adopt-A-Band Artist Jeremy Pinnell

WNKU has always been about supporting local artists. Recently they have switched up their format and are killing it! Not only do they play a local band Every Hour, they also are featuring a Local Hero each month for their program Adopt-A-Band. 

The very first Adopt-A-Band artist is Jeremy Pinnell. Jeremy Pinnell, Kentucky's son from across the river, is a soft-spoken man, born to an area that is equal parts Southern hospitality, Northern attitude and Midwestern charm. Raised from humble beginnings of singing in church and learning the guitar from his father, his craft quickly made heads turn and rooms fall silent. But with his departure from home at 18 to venture into the unknown with only his music, this young man soon found himself surrounded by the demons of the world he used to try and sing away. The stories told are true, not embellished folklore. Jeremy will not speak of them – only sing. While he has returned to his humble beginnings and is living an honest life, his experiences must be heard to be believed. They are real, and most importantly, never forgotten.

Jeremy Pinnell plays with the incredible 55’s.  The 55’s are - Cameron Cochran: Pedal Steel, Brad Myers: Guitar & Mandolin, Charles Christopher Alley: Drums, and Ben Franks: Bass.

Having just finished an extensive tour in Germany, Netherlands, the West Coast, the Southwest, as well as recording with Daytrotter, Jeremy Pinnell and the 55’s are back home for a bit. We sat down with Jeremy Pinnell for a quick chat!

Jeremy Pinnell and The 55’s have been touring extensively lately! How has life on the road been thus far?
Touring has been great. It seems like a natural thing for me and the boys.  

Congrats on being chosen as the very first Adopt-A-Band Local Hero on WNKU! How does it feel to be the first Local Hero to be chosen?
I'm honored to be chosen for the first adopt a band artist. Any kind of love in your hometown is nice. 

I’m slightly obsessed with the Daytrotter Sessions. What was it like to record?
Daytrotter was an amazing experience. Sean Moeller is a great guy and we were treated really well. I hope to return. I can't say enough good things about Daytrotter. 

What is next for Jeremy Pinnell and The 55’s?
We're gonna take a break for a week and figure out where we want to go from here. I think we're all excited about Thanksgiving and being with our families.