The Griswolds LIVE at Bogart’s

Aussie indie-rock partiers, The Griswolds, are making a stop in the Queen City on The Wilderness Politics Tour (presented by Journey's) tonight at Bogart's. I briefly spoke with vocalist, Christopher Whitehall, about their strong ties to Ohio and when to expect the follow-up from their latest album, Be Impressive. I always hear about the differences between audiences in the U.S. versus audiences in Australia or Europe. Since you've already toured a lot for such a young band, have you noticed any differences?
Christopher Whitehall: I don't think there’s differences in the audiences themselves more like major differences in the routing. [In] Australia you can tour in one week because we only have like five major cities and you basically fly everywhere because they're so far apart. Whereas here you can tour for months and months because there’s so many cool places to visit and play.

CM: You all have a strong relationship with Ohio already, especially with the support of the Columbus alternative radio station CD102.5, but what is it about Ohio that you enjoy the most?
CW: I think we've just always had a great time there, CD1025 always look after us and take us out after shows, so we have a lot of great memories there. Also the crowds have always been great to us in Ohio which Probably is because our besties, Walk The Moon are from Ohio too.

CM: Not to be a downer, but are there little things you miss about Sydney while on tour? A certain food or store?
CW: Mostly our dogs back home we miss the most and our families. The Food here in states is pretty amazing so we have the food part covered.

CM: 2015 is rapidly coming to an end. What are your plans for 2016? Any tours or even a new album we can look forward to?
CW: Yeah totally, we'll be releasing new music first thing in 2016 and jumping straight into recording our Sophomore album. We're also planning a spring tour now as well.  

CM: Listening to your commentary on Spotify about your album, " Be Impressive", regarding the pressure of writing a good album, do you still feel that pressure or do you believe it will be a much easier process the second time around?
CW: We've learnt a lot from the first album, so we’re trying to ignore the pressure. It’s not always easy to do, but sometime that pressure is good to keep you on your toes.

CM: Checking out your website I saw that you all are really great about communicating with your fans. I also noticed an answer from Danny that mentioned going to bed early every night. What's that about? (Sidenote: there are so many amazing bars, events, venues in Cincinnati, please forgo sleep)
CW: Yeah communicating with fans is pretty important, they're awesome. we love it. I can guarantee Myself and Lachy will be going out for sure, we'll hit up a few bars in Cincy for sure, we like to go out.

CM: What artists are you listening to on the road?
CW: The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Urban Cone, Chairlift, St Lucia

Bogart’s is located at 2621 Vine Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tickets are $25 and are still available. 


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