Parkway Drive Lifts Sold Out Crowd

Parkway Drive played in front of a sold out crown at Bogart’s this past Friday and the show felt so much bigger than the venue itself. 

Metal fans are so much fun. Only at these type of shows so I see a fan celebrating about his lip being busted out after being in a mosh pit.

The crowd was hilarious too. Before the band came on stage Bogart’s had 80’s rock tunes playing over the speakers such as “Danger Zone”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and, of course, “Don’t stop Believing.” Here is a sold out crowd of metal heads singing along with the words to every song.

The band also knew that their audience wasn’t something to be taken for granted. The energy from the crowd and the band were in sync with each other. The band’s lead singer, Winston McCall, had the crowd completely under his control. When he wanted a circle pit, there was a circle pit. When he wanted crowd surfing, there was crowd surfing. 

A personal highlight of the show came midway through the first single from their new album Ire called “Vice Grip” was played. The band showed their gratitude for their fans and claimed that the song was the happiest song the band had ever written because of them. The fans reciprocated their gratitude, singing along to the “yeah yeah yeah” chorus of the song.

Bogart’s is a small club, but Parkway Drive brought an impressive light show, smoke pyrotechnics and their anthemic music. It’s these characteristics that Parkway Drive brought to Bogart’s that made the venue seem less like a club and more like an arena.