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JoJo Review

It’s just a little too late to catch JoJo in Cincinnati, but it’s certainly not too late for her comeback.

The 24, soon to be 25 year old, singer/songwriter made a stop at the 20th Century Theatre on her I Am Tour this past Sunday. Even though she had fainted previously that day, JoJo put on one vocally strong show.

Kicking off the night with ‘Baby it’s you”, the audience’s excitement heightened to extreme levels. While you may have thought the audience was there for a dose of nostalgia, majority knew the words to just about every song. A crowd of twenty somethings, the screams were a dead giveaway that their teenage dreams were finally becoming reality.  

Supported by a live band, JoJo took us on a journey down “The High Road” with favorites like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late”.  As the night progressed, she took the time to address the audience, thanking them for keeping her alive in more ways than one. The crowd stayed captivated in her conversation as she transitioned into her newest releases including “When Love Hurts.”

Song after song, JoJo’s vocals rang through stronger than ever. Singing “Say Love”, every single note and movement was executed with power and passion. As an encore, fans were treated to a preview of a song JoJo will be releasing in her upcoming album. After her Sunday performance, it’s safe to say JoJo is a force to be reckoned with now that her bad luck with record labels is over.