Electric Citizen Return Home for Show at Woodward Theater

Returning to the Queen City for a hometown show this weekend, Electric Citizen will perform at The Woodward Theater with support from Carousel (Pittsburgh). Recently on tour with legendary metal outfits Pentagram and King Diamond, the band found time to record a follow-up to their debut album, “Sateen” (slated to drop next Spring) at Dan Auerbach's (Black Keys, The Arcs) Nashville analog recording studio, Easy Eye.

Named "Your New Favorite Band" earlier this year by Cincy Music, the "Sabbath Worship" RidingEasy Records band more than lives up to the hype. To be clear, Sabbath Worship is pretty self-explanatory, as the artists included in this genre seem to embrace the label but what was before called the "classic rock influence" finally has a name, one that pays homage to a classic rock/Black Sabbath sound and feeling.

Not familiar with Electric Citizen? Get familiar. "Savage" and "Light Year's Beyond" is a good place to start, but "Sateen" as a whole remains remarkably underrated.

Electric Citizen will perform at the Woodward Theatre this Saturday for only $5/7 with special guest Matt Goldsborough of Pentagram. The Woodward Theater is located at 1404 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Electric Citizen


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