Coleman Hell Has Paid His Dues

Coleman Hell’s self-titled Columbia Records debut EP dropped on October 23rd! The 6 track EP features three new songs, “Sitcom," "After Hours" and "Move On," as well as three previously released songs including his monster hit single “2 Heads.”  The single has become a mainstay of multiple streaming and radio platforms, soaring to the Top 10 of Alternative radio. “2 Heads” is in power rotation at Sirius XM Alt Nation and spinning on numerous major market stations across the country.  The viscerally charged hit has surpassed 35 million Spotify streams and has 4 million combined video views.  Expanding its presence on the pop culture radar in other ways, his music was recently featured on the season premiere of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Sharing a home studio in Toronto with his longtime friends and bandmates, La+ch (who co-produced “2 Heads”), and Michah, Coleman Hell has paid his dues the past few years offering genre-busting songs and videos that always seem to break new ground; Hell is fluid in multiple styles, veering from house and pop, to nu-disco and folk-electronica and more by cleverly fusing beats atop his memorable songwriting chops.  Artist, producer, and captivating performer, he possesses keen instincts for extending the boundaries of existing pop frameworks in all the songs on his new self-titled EP.

The multi-talented Hell has also embarked on a North American fall tour, hitting the road with electro-alt artist Robert DeLong! We sat down with Coleman Hell before the show at The Madison Theater THIS Saturday! 

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Give us some background on Coleman Hell…
Coleman Hell is my real name. I'm a singer/songwriter/producer living in Toronto. 

What can one expect at a live Coleman Hell show?
Lots of energy. Right now I'm performing with my friends La+ch and Michah. We play a mixture of keyboards, drums and samples.  

How did you get teamed up with Robert DeLong for this tour?
I think someone from his camp contacted my manager. Once I listened to the music I knew it would be a great fit. 

What is next for Coleman Hell?
I'm releasing my debut album next year and going on tour with Twenty One Pilots.