Award Winning Big Little Lions in Cincinnati

Big Little Lions are making waves after just winning the Canada Folk Music Award for Best Ensemble! One half of the musical duo – Paul Otten is from right here in Cincinnati! 

On Thursday, November 19th Big Little Lions will be playing a free all ages concert at R. P. McMurphy’s in Hyde Park.

Big Little Lions is the ferocious songwriting duo of Helen Austin and Paul Otten. Both successful singer/songwriters in their own right, they met while both on a conference songwriting member success panel and then a couple of years later started the band from afar, with Helen based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and Paul in Cincinnati, OH.

Helen's accolades include a JUNO win, a Canadian Folk Music Award, an ISC win and a John Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize while Paul was recently awarded the John Braheny Songwriting Award, was a Song of the Year Contest finalist and produced several of the tracks on Helen's most recent JUNO award winning album. Together they have won first place in the International Songwriting Contest and the top prize of Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

"The duo's sound mixes the new school folk of Mumford and Sons with a dance rhythm that keeps the music sounding light and upbeat. It also doesn't hurt that their songs are very catchy and aided by how well Austin and Otten's voices complement each other." -

Both of them are hugely prolific songwriters and between them they have had hundreds of TV, movie and ad placements, one show playing their individual songs back to back. Before even releasing any music one of their songs was featured in MTV's Catfish, ABC's The Vineyard and three Ikea commercials.