The O’Keefe Music Foundation Helping Young Musicians

The Loveland Music Academy owner, Aaron O'Keefe, runs a non-profit foundation, The O'Keefe Music Foundation, which provides kids with opportunities to record and perform on a professional level - opportunities that would not be possible for most "normal" kids and parents. 

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is composed of volunteers who generously donate their time to help fulfill the Foundation’s mission.  100% of all donations are used for music education and production.  No rent, no utilities, no overhead; just a streamlined organization designed to help bring the work of young musicians to a global audience and educate them about music production. 

The O’Keefe Music Foundation enables children to record their musical performances for free. With your help, children are provided with top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and a team of engineers who help to capture these aspiring musicians at their best.  In doing so, the foundation educates children about music production, performance, audio engineering, and the value of team work.  

Consider donating today to this great foundation. Go to and click on the Donate button about halfway down the page! 

Don’t have any extra cash? Consider donating an instrument or recording equipment. The O'Keefe Music Foundation is always in need of recording equipment and instruments. Your tax deductible donation will be used by the musicians in our program, be featured on our website and in the videos. Please contact the foundation for more information.