Pomegranates Releasing Healing Power at tSGHR

Pomegranates are releasing Healing Power at The Southgate House Revival on Saturday, October 17th! The show sold out so quickly that they decided to add a second, earlier show! Better go grab your tickets to the show NOW, HERE!

It’s been a while since Pomegranates have played out so we had to grab the chance to chat with the band about the release and the future of Pomegranates!

Tell us about the new release, Healing Power
We recorded this album back in 2012. The band had some fairly stressful and discouraging times, so I figured we should do something to relax and build more solidarity within the band. Rather than use a traditional studio, we rented a beautiful lake house in Tennessee for awhile. Even though we've been friends for years, we structured the days in a way to have time to get to know each other more and focus on developing a more specific purpose and vision for the band. And also time to eat wonderful food and drink good beers and bourbon in a jacuzzi. We loved having the time and space to try whatever we wanted to try with the recording process. Different mic set ups, double drum sets, etc. The album turned out very well, but the band more or less ran out of steam before the record was released. We figured it was worth releasing now for the folks who are still interested.

What have Pomegranates been up to besides recording the release?
Isaac has been recording and playing some solo shows. Joey is also doing the same. I (Jake) also have been keeping busy at my studio downtown. Thinking about playing in a band again lately.  

You all sold out the first show very quickly. That has to make a band feel good. Can you tell you have been missed?
Yes. Its getting harder and harder for bands to find their audience. There are sooo many bands, and peoples’ attention spans seems shorter and shorter. We are very grateful to know we had the opportunity to impact people in a positive way. Its nice to see how much these songs mean to people. Hopefully some of the tracks from the new record will be special to folks as well. 

What is next for Pomegranates?
I’m not really sure. The band is fun for everyone, but we are all busy with our own projects these days. If timing and circumstance works out well, it would be fun to play shows, do records again and all that comes with it. It just has to feel fun for every body, so who knows if it'll happen! See you October 17th. 

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Healing Power Release Show
w/ Keeps
Saturday, October 17th
The Southgate House Revival
Early Show – 4:30p Doors / 5:30p Show
Late Show – 8:30p Doors / 9p Show