Nicholas David is More Than Just a Voice

During his 2012 appearance on NBC’s hit talent show “The Voice,” season finalist Nicholas David wowed the crowd with his vocal flexibility—taking on covers of everything from Jimi Hendrix to Corrine Bailey Rae for an ultimate 3rd-place finish. However, what resonated most with the audience was his undeniable old-school and old-fashioned soul, which has been a common thread throughout his career and showcased to perfection on his latest EP, Make Hope.

This project, which marks the Minnesotan singer-songwriter’s seventh overall, is a smooth and deep study of emotion backed by David’s confident command of soul, R&B, and rock ‘n’ roll. Its six tracks offer a glimpse into the journey, both personally and professionally, that David has been taking over the past couple of years.

Make Hope was inspired by David’s connection to the Midwest.  More specifically, he wanted to attempt capturing the regional heart and family values of Midwestern people.  “And, trying to carry those values to Hollywood and back,” he notes--which anyone familiar with showbiz knows is a formidable task. However, David is up for the challenge of spreading a message of love and inspiration wherever he travels. “When your dreams turn to reality, the journey takes steam and gathers a new momentum.”

David doesn’t shirk family values of his own, as several of the compositions on Make Hope are directly inspired by and dedicated to his relatives. “’Monsters Sleep”—a song he terms an “R&B lullaby”—“and ‘Fresh’ are songs to my family saying even though I'm not physically there I'm there in their hearts with a love "as big as the sky and into outer space.’” And, “The last tune, ‘Something Big,’ is a melody I wrote being with my grandfather as he was dying,” Nicholas relates. “I share his gift of music, and my hands are his hands.”

“It's a blessed road to walk and live out your dreams, but with that comes a great responsibility,” David says. “I feel to the core of my being that's what make hope is all about.”

His goal is to reach all music lovers with music that touches them at their core. 

“I feel that's what my fans resonate with,” he notes. “Music from the heart, for the heart.”

Catch Nicholas David at The Woodward Theater on Thursday, October 22nd