Josh Berwanger Band Headed to The Drinkery

Josh Berwanger could easily be considered a veteran of the rock and roll wars. He first made a name for himself as a member of The Anniversary, a seminal Kansas band that released two glorious albums (2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown and 2002’s Your Majesty) before calling it a day. Undeterred, Berwanger put together a new band, The Only Children, who would go on to release two criminally underrated records (2004’s Change of Living and 2007’s Keeper of Youth). 

Berwanger have been described as Guns N’ Roses meets Buddy Holly or Tom Petty meets the Ramones. Their songs are born out of love, heartbreak, fear and frustration, with a little bit of glam and a whole lot of rock n’ roll. Berwanger is, in many ways, a visceral statement about what it means to keep doing what you love—even when it feels like you are doing so against all odds.

Don’t Miss Josh Berwanger with Sweet Ray Laurel and Good English Thursday at The Drinkery!