Griz at Bogart's Tonight!

Get ready to get down and get funky, Cincinnati. Michigan DJ/Producer, Griz hits Bogart’s tonight for a stop on the Super Shagadelic Tour. If the name doesn’t give you a feel for what to expect, we’ll give you a another hint. 

One important piece of information one must know about Griz is that majority of his music is created with the live experience at it’s forefront. So, don’t be surprised when he steps back from his mixer to play a few bars on his sax. In fact, it’s what the 25 year old artist is known for. With a funk, electro-soul, and what he describes as future-funk sound, the 1980’s intertwine with the sound of present day. While streaming off of spotify is groovy, being fully emersed in a crowd doused by lights and a jazzy electro sound is something out of this world that you have to experience.

Don’t miss Griz at Bogart's tonight featuring Russ Liquid and Muzzy Bear.