Exclusive Release of “Proven” by Mix Fox & One Day Steady

Mix Fox and One Day Steady have collaborated for the new single, “Proven”!  You may think they are an unlikely pair, but it turns out, it’s amazing. 

According to Ryan Peters of One Day Steady, We originally met when we (One Day Steady) opened for Mix Fox at his cd release show at The Southgate House Revival last spring. We bounced around the idea of trying something new and making a song together back then but didn't really get the ball rolling till we shared the stage at Farmula Fest in August. Then three weeks ago Jacob Doherty with Sound Link Records hit us up with the idea to do a live studio song that we would write together at Sound Images and film that day. The collaboration was really a great time and a fun experience. We are all really excited to surprise our fans with this different side of our music!”