Chuck Brodsky and Steve Saunders at DownTowne Listening Room

On Thursday, October 29th catch Chuck Brodsky and Steve Saunders in the amazing intimate setting at DownTowne Listening Room

Chuck Brodsky is a storyteller, songwriter, troubadour, and a modern day bard. With only his acoustic guitar and his voice he’ll draw you in with genuine, down-to-earth warmth and his quirky, finely crafted songs. Using wit and irony, set to haunting melodies, he tells the stories of oddball and underdog characters through his syncopated guitar strumming or sweet finger-picking. His songs celebrate the goodness in people—the eccentric, holy, profound, courageous, inspiring, and the beautiful. They poke fun at what needs to be poked, and sometimes they challenge. They’re sworn to tell the truth.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, a very young Chuck fell in love with the piano. Despite taking lessons, he still managed to teach himself how to play. Years later, on his first day of university orientation, he saw two guys playing guitars. He soon got one of his own, transferred out of the university and into the school of life. Influenced by Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Lowell George, John Hartford, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Greg Brown, The Rolling Stones, and Nic Jones, Chuck started writing songs in a style that is very much his own, yet pays homage to the traditions.  

Steve has been playing and singing for decades as solo artist and in bands throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. His diverse musical influences range from The Eagles and The Beatles to contemporary indie singer-songwriters. He enjoys the on-stage style of Jimmy Buffett. Steve says, “People have enough to worry about. Our audience should have fun when I play.”

His last all-original CD received radio play and Steve did some regional touring. Steve took time off to raise a family and run a business and now is back. In the past year, he has rebuilt a loyal Greater Cincinnati fan base, playing venues from Fountain Square and Southgate House Revival to marina bars and fine suburban restaurants. 

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