Cazzette at Mynt

While they may have connected through MySpace and well, we all know how long that network lasted, Stockholm duo, CAZZETTE is here to stay and stronger than ever. Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer brought CAZZETTE to life in 2011 and caught the world’s attention with “Beam Me Up”. After a few more successful releases and spots on festival line ups around the world, the duo released Desserts EP this past August. The compilation is a true treat showcasing CAZZETTE’s talent to not cling to a specific sound. Since it’s launch, they have been busy touring and tonight Cincinnati can catch Cazzette at Mynt Martini. Until then become a “genius” and learn a little more about the guys from CAZZETTE.

RP: It’s a well-known fact that you two aren’t ones to stick to a particular genre and that definitely shows in your Desserts EP. Does that come pretty natural for you two when creating music and would you encourage others to take this approach?
C: For us, it’s a very natural thing. That’s just how we are as producers and that is what makes us happy. We don’t really feel like others have to do the same thing. Each to its own.

RP: Do you think "Big Room" or mainstream EDM is starting to phase out? Considering the growing influence of other genres such as future house and what is regularly considered "deep house. - Do you actually care?
C:We don't really care for the term EDM. It's become a weird and misunderstood way of categorising things. A lot of artists play into it as a catchall phrase, but we aren't interested. We just want to make music we believe in.

RP: Has being more involved with the songwriting helped your creative process in production?
C: Its always fun being a part of the lyrical part of our music as well but its a different side to music than producing.

RP: How was your recent visit to Spotify? Anything in the works?
C: It’s always a pleasure visiting our friends at Spotify. We swung by to play a really fun live session with them back in September with LP and Sterling Fox, who collaborated on our Desserts EP.

RP: What are you most proud of in your career as CAZZETTE?
C: Sleepless. It was a real turn in our careers and the song set the tone for a new direction that we really believed in.

RP: It seems like you haven’t been rocking the Cazzette headpieces as much lately. Are you phasing out or is it more of a convenience thing?
C: Yeah, they are a struggle. We only use them on special occasions now like extremely big festivals.

RP: Where do you think you'd be today if social media didn't exist and MySpace was never a thing?
C: Still involved in music for sure, but hard to say how though. The internet / social media is a huge part of how artists collaborate together. The days of having to sit in one studio together are pretty numbered.

RP: Favorite type of venue to play? Intimate club vs. Festival
C: Both have their charm. Let’s go with intimate club this time. The huge festival stages are a huge rush, but when it's more up close and personal I feel like you can take the music in a different direction.

RP: What can Cincinnati expect at your show on Friday?
C: Our sets these days are way more diverse and we play a lot of music that we actually listen to. Everything from Justice to Kanye. It's going to be a lot of fun.

RP: If you were to create a mixtape today, what are some tracks you'd put on it?
C: Tokimonsta - Steal My Attention
Muse - Psycho
Kendrick - King Kunta
Ghostface - Blood In The Streets
Susanne Sundfør - Kamikaze (Steve Angello & AN21 Remix)

RP: Will CAZZETTE ever release an actual cassette tape?
C: Absolutely. Does anyone still have tape players anymore? Whatever, we'll do it for that 1% of the world that still has one!

RP: Do you drink coffee. If so, how do you like it?
C: Seb = Cappuccino, Alex = Cortado

Catch Cazzette tonight at Mynt Cincinnati (28 Fountain Square)!