Backstage Café Thrash Metal Show

On Friday, October 9th, Backstage Café is where to be to get your thrash metal fix. Unleash The Archers, Crimson Shadows, War Curse, and Gomorrah are ready to blow the roof off Backstage Café in Covington.

Unleash The Archers hail from Vancouver, British Columbia and are warriors of the frozen north; bound by honour and bathed in glory. Traversing the forsaken wastelands of this world to bring heavy metal to the masses.

Crimson Shadows has appeared at the world stage of Wacken Open Air in Germany mid-2013. The band triumphantly laid claim to the title of International Wacken Battle Champions. After touring their native Canada coast to coast, Crimson Shadows are ready to take the world by the throat and deliver their brand of heroic metal that only the ice-clad lands of Canada can forge!

War Curse are a local band comprised of Tarek Puska, Justin Roth, Joshua Murphy, James Goetz, and Eric Payne. They are old school thrash with new school aggression. Prepare for war! 

Gomorrah was started in 2012 by a group of Missouri boys who moved to Ohio in hope's of becoming a part of a larger music scene. Colton, Mitch and Cody all set out to create a sound that encompassed all of their influences. They self released an EP "To the Depths" in the fall of 2013. Since then the band has gained a new bass player Ryan Hamman as well as played out extensively in the Cincinnati area and are currently working our their first as of yet untitled full length album. Gomorrah are a combination of modern metal with elements of old school Bay Area thrash and some more groove and doom aspects sprinkled in.

Backstage Café
$10 for 21 & up
$15 for 18-20
FREE parking