New Moons Vinyl Release of Glass Planets This Friday

New Moons is a three-piece rock band from Cincinnati that play psych rock and experimental pop.  The band released their debut album Glass Planet and have been touring the Midwest. 

The vinyl release for Glass Planet is this Friday at The Drinkery with Go Go Buffalo and J Dorsey Band. We sat down the band prior to the vinyl release!

We last spoke in May, what has New Moons been up to since then?
Well, we got a van and have been playing the Midwest as much as we can. We went up to Dayton and down to Louisville and back home to Cincinnati a few times and are scheduled to do it again plus more cities in the coming months. Every place has been really great; it’s been a lot of fun. Besides playing shows, we have been working on new music videos for Glass Planet, as well as some new songs. We put out a video for “You Don’t Need to Know Me”, check it out on the YouTube.

As the vinyl release of Glass Planet is set for October 2nd at The Drinkery I have to ask - is the band avid vinyl collectors? What are some favorites?
Yeah we like vinyl. The Goodwill bins have some hidden gold in there sometimes, but my personal favorite is my original pressing of “Dark Side of the Moon”. It came with posters and stickers and it’s totally cool. Steve was telling me the other day that his first album was Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health” that he got when he was a kid. We also go to the thrift stores and just look for the weirdest things. It is amazing how many vinyl records are in existence. Steve found an old Halloween record with sound effects and scary ambiance for trick-or-treaters from the 70s. I have a bunch of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums and few Reader’s Digest compilations with Christmas songs and classic pop songs. Of course, if you can score Deep Purple or Van Halen in the dollar bin, it’s a good day.

What is next for New Moons?
Shows and some more shows. We’re continuing the Glass Planet tour into some new cities like Columbus and Lexington, so we’re really excited for that. New videos will be coming soon, and we are writing new material and hope to get back in the studio next year for another release.

New Moons
Glass Planet Vinyl Release
w/Go Go Buffalo& J Dorsey Band
The Drinkery
 Friday, October 2nd
7p Doors / 10p Show