Jack Burton Overdrive Album Release at Barrio

In the winter of 2014 Jack Burton Overdrive went into the studio with Ben Cochran at Soap Floats Recording. Pulling from their collective memory of the sounds and experiences from their youth in Clifton, Northside, Downtown and OTR, the resulting album Tarbell Street to be released Saturday, September 19th at Barrio, strives to capture the late night freedom of wandering Cincinnati’s vibrant entertainment districts with a pocket full of singles, registering and following the different sounds emanating from the lively nightclubs and bars. 

We sat down with the band prior to the release!

Tell us about how you came to determine your band name.  
We are huge fans of John Carpenter's seminal 1986 classic Big Trouble in Little China. Unfortunately, Pork Chop Express was already taken - so we settled on Jack Burton something or other.   John Stork always wanted to be in an "Overdrive" of some sort, so we collectively decided to make his dream come true. You're welcome, John. 

What can one expect at a live Jack Burton Overdrive show? 
Hi speed, low drag.  we like to get a sense of the room then promptly ignore it. We're air mobile - leaving only the wind and carnage in our wake.  

Tell us about the recording or the new album, Tarbell Street
Ben Cochran from Soap Floats Recording got our sound right off the bat and promptly improved on it.   In addition to learning more about each other and our tolerance for intra-group criticism, we came across an enchanted bowling ball behind the studio. Here is a picture.  We're hoping it grows into something beautiful next season. 

What is next for Jack Burton Overdrive? 
The CD release show September 19th is our primary focus right now. We also have a couple shows in the winter, including a November slot at the Southgate House.  We have a lot of new material we're interested in getting recorded - we're shooting to release something new within the next year on vinyl to maximize pretension. We're also working on a JBO approved barbecue sauce which will be made available exclusively at our live shows. Get 'em before the FDA does! 

Jack Burton Overdrive
7 Speed Vortex
Saturday, September 19th
7p Doors / 10p Show