With international stardom in the United States, Canada, and Australia, two-time winner AMC Vocal Duo of the Year, 2012 CMA Vocal Duo of the Year, and two-time Grammy and American Music Award, Thompson Square is racking up their statistics with their music.   This multi-platinum selling husband-wife duo is currently working in the studio producing their next highly anticipated next album featuring the single, Trans Am”. I caught up with Thompson Square to discuss how they first met, their personal songs, and of course their new baby! 

CB:   As a husband and wife duo, you met conveniently the same week in Nashville at a singing competition.  Do you call that fate?
TS:    Absolutely, what else could it be?

CB:   You have had 16 years of successful music and marriage, putting your lives on display every day through your music.  What are the keys to a healthy marriage?
TS:    The main things for us is being great friends, both of us doing what we want to do for a living and being able to actually live our dream.  Doing it together is just icing on the cake. 

CB:   My favorite song, Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About because it’s not only fun and flirtatious but honest.  If you could pick one song, which would be your favorite, either that you wrote or that never gets old to perform?
TS:    Probably That’s So Me and You. It wasn’t a single, but it really depicts how and when we found each other. To do this song acoustically in front of a crowd is almost like living the hard dreaming times we went through all those years. 

CB:   It’s rumored that you will be changing your band name from “T2” to “T3,” as fans call you, as of January?  Have you picked out a name?  How do you think the addition of a new baby will affect your music?
TS:    No name change yet, but I do think it will change our outlook on music and life for the better.  Even after we found out that we were having a kid our mind set changed, and we let a few things go that simply weren’t worth worrying about.

CB:   With two albums under your belt, Thompson Square and Just Feels Good, what is next for Thompson Square? 
TS:    You’ll just have to wait and see.  It’s literally revealing itself as we go so we’ll just see where the music leads.  It always leads us to a good place. 

Check out the multi-successful duo, Thompson Square, August 30th at the 30th Annual Taste of Blue Ash!